Bass Fishing Tackle and Equipment

Mpumalanga and the Lowveld probably have the largest number of Largemouth Bass waters in the country.
So who better to advise you on bass rods, reels, tackle and techniques than the staff at Solly’s Anglers who regularly fish your local waters.

Bass Boats and Gear

Our boating department sells a wide vaiety of bass boats, bass motors and other boating quipment, icluding safety equipment, rod holders, anchors and more.

Bass Rods

A good bass rod will make you a better angler.

Not only will the right rod help you cast accurately, it will also enhance the feel of the bite, leading to a higher success rate in setting and landing big and small fish.

We stock a large selection of quality rods that suit every taste or budget.

Bass Reels

When choosing a bass reel you generally have two options. Depending on your experience and the type of water you will be fishing, you can either use a spinning reel or a bait caster.
The rule of thumb is that spinning gear works well for pitching to the bank or under docks, where bait casters excel where more distance is desired but accuracy isn’t important, such as crank baits or Carolina rigs.

Visit Solly’s Anglers and let our staff assist you in making the correct choice.

Bass Tackle

A well stocked tackle box will give you the best chance of catching fish. More is not always better, but having a wide variety of bass tackle will allow you to catch fish in different environments and conditions.
We stock a huge selection of:

Crank Baits, Craw Baits, Flukes, Grubs, Lizards, Spinner Baits, Surface Lures, Toads, Worms, Spinners and much more.

Bass Fishing Accessories

Here you will also find a wide selection of:

  • Fishing apparel and clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Tackle boxes
  • Scales
  • Hooks, sinkers, swivels, and more!
  • Lures