Boating and General

We are proud to have our very own in-house workshop where we can assist you with reel repairs, rod repairs, rebuilding of fishing rods and line spooling.

We also stock boats and almost everything required to go boating, water sport items and outdoor gear

Boating, Gear & General

Our boating department sells a wide vaiety of bass boats, bass motors and other boating quipment, icluding safety equipment, rod holders, anchors and more.

Boating & General

A good quality boat will make your fishing trip so much more enjoyable, not only will you be able to reach spots you could not otherwise reach from the shore, but there is something very relaxing about a day on the water.

We supply a wide selection of boats including:

  • Bass boats
  • Flat bottom aluminium boats
  • Canoes & fishing skis (kayaks)
  • Inflatables
  • Bait boats

We have almost everything you need to go boating

Including outboard engines, bass motors, oars and other essentials.

We place a high value on boating safety and other than the required skippers license we think it’s important to keep all your safety equipment on board up to date. We stock all the required:

  • Capsize bottles
  • Torches
  • Anchors and flares

We also stock some water sport items in our boating department such as skis, tubes and knee-boards which are always needed when you plan a weekend at Vygeboom dam.

Other than fishing gear

Solly’s Anglers also stock some general outdoor gear including:

  • Knives and multi tools
  • Torches
  • Sunglasses
  • Quality cooler boxes
  • Outdoor clothing