Carp Fishing Gear & Equipment

Carp is one of the most popular species for fishing in Mpumalanga due to all the great Carp dams found in the area. Our professional staff will assist you with the best tips and advice for tackle, rigs and baits.

Quality Carp Fishing Tackle

“Life is always better when we’re Fishing!”

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Carp Rods

A wide variety of good quality Carp rods to suit your every angling need are available at Solly’s Anglers. Whether you are an experienced specimen angler or a weekend warrior, you are sure to find the perfect rod at Solly’s. From medium to heavy rods, fibreglass to graphite, we’ve got the whole selection.

Carp Reels

The sheer weight of a large Carp means you don’t want to compromise too much on a Carp reel, we stock a wide variety of excellent large free spool reels that will suit your pocket.

Carp Baits

When it comes to Carp bait, we could be talking about a special science. When experts talk about carp dips, feeds and baits, you might feel a little lost at first. Words such as flavours, super feed, boilies, hemp seed, wonder-mix and floaties might lose you altogether.

There is no need for concern, we at Solly’s are regular fishermen on our local waters and can assist you in being well prepared for your next carp fishing trip.

Carp Fishing Accessories

We also stock a wide selection of:

  • Carp nets
  • Keep nets
  • Carp lines, hooks and rigs
  • Rod banksticks
  • Weighing slings and more!